December 18, 2003

How To Wash The Cat

1. Thoroughly clean the toilet.
2. Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water, and have both
lids lifted.
3. Obtain the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
4. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids [you may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape]
CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for any purchase they can find. The cat will self-agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from your toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a 'power wash and rinse' which I have found to be quite effective.
6. Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.
7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.
8. The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet, and run outside where he
will dry himself.
The Dog

Posted by LeeAnn at December 18, 2003 06:17 AM


I must go buy a cat immediately and try this out.

Posted by: Paul Jané at December 18, 2003 11:05 AM

Dear Dog:

don't you realize that you're doing mommy a favor and cleaning the toilet in the process? Good doggie!

Posted by: Tiffany at December 18, 2003 01:01 PM

Hahaha! I was just reading a funny book on taking care of a Neurotic Cat, and the toilet bowl method was mentioned, but not elaborated on.

I may have to give that a try.

Posted by: Doc at December 23, 2003 10:12 AM


Posted by: Desert Cat at December 24, 2003 08:54 PM