March 23, 2006


Dear Hearing Aid Company,

My mother, a long-time customer of yours, had the following conversation with my father at a nice restaurant the other night:
Dad: We should go out to the racetrack once the weather breaks.
Mom: *studying menu* Uh huh.
Dad: Yeah, Jim says he's got a new system, going to make him rich.
Mom: Really?
Dad: Yeah. He's only going to bet on geldings.
Mom: What?
Dad: Geldings. He's only betting big money on geldings.
Mom: *brief pause* What's a gelding?
Dad: You know *dropping his voice discreetly* it's a horse that's been emasculated.
Mom: Huh?
Dad: Fixed. The horse is fixed.
Mom: What? Sick?
Dad: *louder* Fixed. Fixed.... for gods sake, Judy, they CUT OFF HIS BALLS!
(This of course comes at one of those special times that everyone in the place has gone silent.)
Mom: Uh....
Dad: *hrumph* So, uh... and it makes him sad.... blue, right? And that's why they call it the Blue Plate Special, in his honor.
Mom: *quietly* I'll have the fish.

So you can see, Hearing Aid Manufacturer, why I think a refund is in order.
Hoping to hear from you.

Posted by LeeAnn at March 23, 2006 03:00 PM