September 15, 2003

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls

Today is looking like Sit By The Phone day. I'm waiting for a few phone calls, such as:
1. The car repair place to let me know if they can fix my poor broken-down baby and how much blood they want out of my turnip.
2. The insurance moron to return my call about why he can't seem to get my policy written correctly, even though he's had four chances so far.
3. Anyone to whom I sent my fiction resume last week, so I can pay for the car repairs and a new insurance policy.
4. My asthmatic secret admirerer, who is very fashion oriented ("what are you wearing?").
5. The California State Lottery, to admit they've been wrong and should have just given me the money.
6. My mom, with the news that they've lied to me all these years and that I really am 30 like I keep insisting.
7. The doctor, to explain why, if I'm 30, I feel like I'm 46.
8. George Clooney, begging for a second chance.
9 Angelina Jolie, begging for a second chance.
10. My psychiatrist, begging for a second chance.

Posted by LeeAnn at September 15, 2003 08:34 AM

Wow, big expectations today. Hope at least half come to pass, especially the ones regarding the car and a job.

Posted by: Jane at September 15, 2003 09:53 AM

Maybe George will call you after he gets off the phone with me. I'll let him know you're expecting him to ring you up.

As for the lottery thing.......did you BUY a ticket? (That's always the part I seem to keep forgetting)

You're lucky you have a mere asthmatic calling you, honey. I have a full-fledged COPD'er with a lisp AND a damn stutter. It takes Elmer Fudd ages to offer his pedicure advice anymore.

Posted by: Da Goddess at September 15, 2003 10:18 AM

So, what's cunnilingus like with a stutterer? Hello? Any Mel Tillis fans out there?

Posted by: Anna at September 16, 2003 05:04 AM

You gotta get them to repeat "rubber baby buggy bumpers". Sometimes you have to buy them dinner first, though.

Posted by: LeeAnn at September 16, 2003 06:27 AM

Oh, and as to the rest... the car is fixed and I am broke... but at least I gots my ride. :) And this morning, I have an interview. The job's official name is "Gal Friday". I plan to wear a fedora and repeat "just the facts, just the facts".
As to the rest... goals are gooooooood, huh?

Posted by: LeeAnn at September 16, 2003 06:29 AM